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Sobe NO FEAR, an untimely death July 13, 2011

Posted by JP in Uncategorized.

Distressing news.  PepsiCo has discontinued the best energy drink ever invented (actually the second best).

Sobe’s NO FEAR is no longer available, this follows the discontinuation of Sobe’s Adrenaline Rush a little over a year ago.  Both drinks were well flavored and nutritionally magnificent (as far as an energy drink could be), and Pepsi has killed them.

What is left for those of us energy drink consumers?  The plethora of carbonated syrups, tasting like sugared dung, with no nutritional value whatsoever?

I’m furious.  I’m disgusted and appalled that Pepsi would kill the only energy drink in existence which was suitable in flavor and balance for adult consumers.

Is there anything out there that can even compare  to NO FEAR in terms of flavor – I need to find something to drink.

By the way: I’m boycotting Pepsi products completely now as should anyone who enjoyed Adrenaline Rush or NO FEAR.

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1. j.s. - July 23, 2011

just have a sundrop, man.

2. Allyson - December 11, 2011

i agree. As soon as I heard I bought as much in bulk on amazon as I could, and now I’m almost out again, and the reality of it is starting to set in… I don’t understand why such an awesome product would be killed. And I agree with you about Adrenaline Rush, back in the day, my fiance drank Rush and I drank No Fear and we’d buy over 20 a week in total…

3. Nathan - December 13, 2011

Have you tried FRS I really like it alot especially the citrus pomegrante I am an energy drink junky and the only healthy option I have found is this one.

4. James D - December 16, 2011

I’ve compared the taste of Sobe Adrenaline Rush to Nos energy with the orange top side by side and could not tell the difference. I do believe the the Nos has more caffeine, taurine, etc, but I was shocked when I first tasted it and then compared the last can of Sobe Adrenaline Rush that I had been saving. Try it and you’ll be surprised at the same great citrus flavor.

5. Norm - January 3, 2012

I’m still trying to figure out why they killed the line. I went from a 4 -6 can a day habit to nothing, over night. Monster sucks, RedBull sucks, Nos tastes nothing like no fear… The only other good one out there was Arizona’s energy drink in the yellow caution can. Those seem to be gone too. Anytime a company makes something that tastes great they have to go and get rid of it. I don’t drink normal soda, and never will, so congrats Pepsi, you just lost a customer.

6. yamaha264 - January 22, 2012

Damn right. Sobe no fear was and still is the best energy drink ever created. I’ve had every single drink ever made even the green canned full throttle flavor that only lasted about 2 weeks in our area. Nothing compares to sobe. Not even monster or redbull. Screw pepsi anymore. Mountain dew throws you guys off my list by far. Thanks for makin us miserable

7. yamaha264 - January 22, 2012

Yeah james I kno wat u mean but there’s no more adrenaline rush drinks around where I live so I wouldn’t kno. I wud really like someone to tell me wat on earth is gonna taste like the original sobe no fear or the sobe no fear gold.

8. Vincent - January 26, 2012

I’m in Southern Italy visiting some family and i found a treasure trove of no fear!! So happy. also looks like it’s still available on amazon

9. John - February 10, 2012

No fear is back. A company called shadow beverage has started producing it. You can buy cases on Amazon. Luckily my Pepsi distributor is the only one left with Sobe Adrenaline. Pepsi said when they discontinued sobe, distributors could can it until they ran out of syrup.

10. Linden Fielding - October 25, 2012

I’ve been ordering it from Amazon for the last 8 months. My latest order arrived yesterday and expiration date is Oct 2013. So somebody is making it. If you order over $50 at a time, you can get it shipped free, so it cost about the same as a C-Store. Amazon is also promoting 2 variations available soon.

11. sportsupdatebyconciergewill - November 15, 2012

Why have I not seen John’s comment earlier? I totally agree with you JP, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who enjoyed No Fear and Adrenaline Rush.

12. Phil and Colleen Price - January 31, 2013

Alaska is finally out of the best energy drink ever made! I juzst spent half my day in Anchorage going around stores trying to find some. SoBe No Fear was the best tasting on on the market. Everything else tastes like bloody bubble gum! Bletch! Like other have said, why do Corporations stop producing the good stuff. Maybe a descent ad campaign may have helped. I never have seen an ad for it. No fear powered my road crew for two summers. We bought it by the case!

13. Nick Kellogg - February 19, 2013

last month the stores in Spanaway Wa. where out of the best drinks ever. but today, i stopped in at a gas and go by my house and they have them again. I went and bought all of them that they had in the cooler. lol i do hope that it is coming back. I can not find a good drink like this on.

14. Mike Powell - June 13, 2013

I totally agree JP and everyone! SoBe No Fear was and will always be the best tasting and most energy balanced energy drink I ever had and started drinking it back in 2002-2003. Very happy to get it on Amazon, although it is almost always out of stock and have to wait a few weeks each time I order. All the better, makes me look forward to it. I have a video camera but not very new equipment and I’d like to do a “No Fear is Here” vid and campaign and post to YouTube. Pepsi needs to listen to consumers and not just the corporate bean counters. Pull your head out PespsiCo !!!!

15. erin - September 24, 2013

i aLso was addicted to Sobe No Fear energy drinks.. i tried everything to replace them for years.. now aLL i drink is Rockstar.. which i Love now but stiLL waiting for No Fear to come back :-(

16. spike - March 20, 2014

I realize that this is a really old thread … but have to agree That no fear was totally (and still ranks as) the best energy drink ever produced … now I drink monster import but they changed the flavor of that and still not even close to the awesomeness of no fear … any word as to if it is gonna be back … like ever?

Mike - March 20, 2014

Nothing yet bro. I’ve been ordering No Fear off Amazon for the last couple of years but the last time they carried it was in December. I haven’t seen it since. Soooo sad…. Best tasting and best non-jittery, controlled energy drink I ever had.

17. Kiwi - January 8, 2015

I too agree loved and bled both of these products… bought in bulk…. drank up to 2 or 3 a day sometimes… I will never get that taste out of my mind. I took a break while pregnant and right after baby my husband went and got me one to drink in the hospital… I really wish I could get these again!!

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