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The Need for a Scapegoat December 13, 2012

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President Obama has been pushing tax increases on the ‘wealthiest’ Americans for over 2 years. During his campaign he promoted a philosophy similar to this:

Hatred and fear-mongering were strong components from the outset. At the first mass meeting of the German Workers’ Party in February 1920, Hitler read the party program, which he had helped write. The program consisted of twenty-five points emphasizing the importance and strength of nationalism, condemning Communism, and promoting racism and anti-Semitism. A strong centralized government and total control of the individual were essential if the party’s doctrines were to work.

The Need for a Scapegoat by David White and Daniel P. Murphy, Ph.D

I will grant that Mr. Obama has not blatantly promoted anti-semitism but instead has replaced that with the demonization of America’s wealthy. It scares me more than just a little to think that our President and the party he represents is so focused on furthering their collectivist goals that they will pit the majority of our society against a minority.

Some have called it ‘class-ism’, but to me it reeks more of fascism and is a wholesale disposal of the philosophies and ideal upon which this nation was founded: the ideal that anyone can succeed and reap the benefits of their own efforts.

Ultimately what we all need to understand is that this fabricated villainy of the wealthy and the subsequent targeting of those individuals through tax reform will not solve our budgetary problems.

Certainly we can sit back and think to ourselves that making the wealthy pay more is ‘fair’ but it does not solve the problem.  Take a look at the graphic below which demonstrates clearly that the focus of Mr. Obama and the democrats amounts to nothing more than smoke and mirrors. The real problem is the rate in which our government is growing and the amount of imaginary money it is spending.

To solve our budget woes we must cut spending. certainly raising taxes to increase revenue would also help but it is nothing if spending is not reduced drastically.

I wonder if Mr. Obama is truly concerned about the financial state of our nation or if he is really just going the way of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party from the early 1900’s and looking for a scapegoat to distract the citizenry while he and his party acquires unconstitutional collectivist power.




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