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Another leftist throws out the race card December 14, 2012

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It didn’t take long for NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to turn Susan Rice’s withdrawal from the secretary of state-stakes into a racial issue.

Asked for her analysis on MSNBC’s “The Cycle,” Mitchell swiftly claimed that Rice’s withdrawal would be bad for Republicans because she is a black woman — intimating that her skin color and gender were somehow a factor.

“I think that this had become sort of an impossible challenge for her to be confirmed, that she realized that — the White House realized it as well. I think they know that they are on good political solid ground,” Mitchell said. “This is not going to … help Republicans at all, the fact that a woman and a woman of color has been forced out of a confirmation process even before she was nominated.”

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell on “The Cycle”
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If any of you have read my earlier post concerning this issue you understand how disgusted this type of rhetoric makes me. It is infuriating that these liberal pundits, politicians, and claimers of all things fair and politically correct can so easily cast aspersions on conservatives; calling them racists, bigots, etc. whenever they do not get what they want.

The truth is plain to anyone who cares to look at the facts. Susan Rice put herself in a position where she publicly espoused information that was proven to be incorrect, and possibly intentionally misleading. Whether she did this at the behest of the White House, or if she did it because she failed to confirm information she was given is not that relevant. Either choice is an opposing side of the same coin, and her actions dramatically reduced her credibility in the eyes of the nation.

When the White house decided to leak the idea that she was being considered for the post of Secretary of State they failed to take action to ensure their ‘choice’ was a legitimately viable candidate for that position.

Thus far we have Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio,, Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., and Andrea Mitchell, publicly blaming the Republicans of  racism and sexism and it is a disgustingly disturbing cognitive dissonance, a denial of the truth of the Republican party and its leadership in diversity and inclusion.

Colin Powell became the first black secretary of state and Condoleezza  Rice was appointed as the first women National Security Advisor and the first female African-American Secretary of State under President Bush – appointments confirmed by many of the same Senators and Congressmen now being labeled as racist and sexist.




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