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My Disservice January 24, 2013

Posted by JP in Poetry.

I’ve done the world a disservice.

I’ve shown the world me;

not all of me you see,

just parts and bits.

I’ve shared my ire,

and my biting wit.

I’ve shared my stern glare

my cutting sarcasm,

my litany of complaints.

I’ve shared my bitterness

my strife, my angst in life.

I’ve shared my dissonance,

my anger, distaste, and dislike.

I’ve silenced my foes

and bloodied those closest to me.

I’ve shared the worst,

the worst there is of me.

I’ve denied the world

a glimpse of my love

the glow of my inner light,

my constant desire to do right.

I’ve denied the world

through denial of myself.

I’ve not given in,

to compassion, love, peace.

I’ve railed against it all,

while resisting my soul’s call.

I’ve shared the bits of offal

to my utter shame.

I’ve shared the worst of me,

and this has got to end.

I have so much more to give,

love, kindness, peace, joy.

I have spirituality and thought,

intelligence and compassion.

This is the me the world should see

this is the me they will.



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