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Forever Fight January 29, 2013

Posted by JP in Poetry.

Malevolent shade,
why dost thou pursue me?
Violent, spectral beast,
reeking with death’s stench.
Am I the only one to fight you?

In our eternal battle,
not once have I escaped,
your sinewy blizzard clutch.
Wrest briefly from thine claw,
only to again be grasped by mine heel.
Fighting ever. Futility in fleeing.

Never to remove thine grunge,
from inside mine head.
Thine presence sickens me,
ye of many names;
anger, spite, envy, despair.

Your putrescence creeps always,
touching filth upon any I love.
Thou dost grapple with me,
in my waking dreams.
Sitting upon my labored chest,
in my fright-soaked nights.

Darkness be thy greeting,
horror be thy laugh.
For ages beyond my knowing,
you have death-walked,
seething within me, waiting.

Are ye controlled by my might?
Hardly so. Merely allowing me
but brief reprieve,
to flit upon joy.
Only to make thy return,
more vile by compare.

Eternal dregs of hate,
I spit in thine eye.
For I, humanity, shall strive,
to gain final conquest,
in this forever fight.



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