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Father’s Day June 15, 2014

Posted by JP in Poetry.

Father’s Day

Hours spent,
building the crib,
painting the room,
dealing with your pregnant mom,
8 months along, in August.

Days and nights,
with you on my mind,
measles, chicken pox,
(you shared those with me, didn’t you?)
mumps and flu as well.

Taking off work,
to see you sing,
school plays, recitals,
karate matches.
Weekends spent traveling
vacations, softball tournaments.

Working two jobs,
to give you the house,
the clothes you need,
food to eat,
and a bit of cash for your pocket.

Late nights spent,
waiting for you,
driving the streets
trying to find you
because you did not call.

All the pain, work
love and joy
run through my mind
on this day, my day.

All I have done for you,
all I have endured for you,
I’ve done for my soul,
for my heart, out of love.

On this day, this day set aside
for sons and daughters
to show their love for fathers
you show your love to me,
with a tie.



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