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Real Serious Stuff: It’s What You Do August 17, 2015

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Give this book a read. I know the author pretty well and can say that this will be worth your time (give the title a click to link to the Amazon page)

Real Serious Stuff: It’s What You Do.

In this collection of insights and collected wisdom, the author, a certified business coach and former EMyth employee, moves hearts and pushes buttons. With a deft touch and slightly irreverant approach, Bobby Burns takes on issues of leadership, company culture, vision and purpose, as well as bad service and bad marketing.

His style and the layout of the book are reminiscent of the best of Harry Beckwith’s books such as Selling The Invisible. A number of recurring themes crop up throughout the varied rants, musings, and commentaries: greatness, purpose, and the central role of leadership in every aspect of business.

He makes the point very early on that being an owner of a small business is not a small thing, but – as he puts it – real serious stuff. The value and dignity of owning and building a small business is paramount in his mind as he extols the virtues of vision, purpose, passion, grit and hard work.

His only regret is that he’s not an artist since he would loved to have made this as a graphic novel.






1. Carmen Cacalano - August 19, 2015

Looks pretty good. Are you an Author yourself?
https://cacalanostudios.wordpress.com -paintings
https://carmenthimble.wordpress.com -writings
-Carmen Cacalano

2. JP - August 24, 2015

An author? No, not really. I am a published poet but that’s about it.

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