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My last word on Colin Kapernick: September 3, 2016

Posted by JP in Discussion.

In this country everyone has the freedom, and the right, to protest what they see as injustice. I support that freedom and have served to protect that freedom, however, I do not agree with his form of “protest”.

You do not effectively protest what you believe is injustice through disrespect, and trust me on this, sitting down during the National Anthem is absolutely disrespect.

It spits in the face of this nation and all those who have worked, served, and sacrificed, to make America a country where a citizen can protest, can disagree, and can make change for the better.

If you want to see injustices and “oppression” changed Mr. Kapernick, then take some of those millions of dollars you have been given, through opportunities afforded to you, that you would only have in this “oppressive” nation, and do something constructive with it.

Educate, train, donate… Do something positive to make things better, do not sit on your entitled butt and spout nonsense.

When it comes down to the bottom line I think the whole “protest” thing is a bunch of malarkey. I think the writing on the wall in terms of his decreased ability as ‘premier’ QB and the end of his NFL career is probable due to his inability to perform at the level necessary to be successful in the NFL.

So when he does get benched, demoted to back up QB, or possibly cut from the team, he can whine about the “oppressors” getting rid of him for his political views instead of facing the truth of his poor performance on the field.



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