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Gun Control debate – A Comedy of Errors March 29, 2018

Posted by JP in Discussion, Politics.

Since the Parkland shooting the gun control debate has raged as never before. The idea of banning all guns has gained tremendous strides, led by some of the students of Marjory Stoneman High School, and has garnered the hefty support of the media, celebrities, and alt-left factions.

The issue, unfortunately, has been colored by a large number of falsehoods, unsupported assertions, and outright ignorance. While most in this push for ‘common sense gun control’ claim they simply want to make it more difficult for bad actors to get their hands on guns, and to rid the country of the dreaded AR 15, the underlying truth is these proponents of ‘gun control’ simply want a repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

Sadly, the facts interwoven throughout this issue have been misrepresented, misunderstood, or even more common; ignored.

Take a look at the actual shooting, and the events leading up to the actual incident:

Nicholas Cruz, a troubled young man, orphaned, endured incessant bullying at school which was never addressed by school authorities. He had been reported to Broward County Sheriffs (BCS) up to 39 times for violence, including brandishing a weapon, but was never arrested.  A year prior to the shooting Cruz himself posted an Instagram picture of him brandishing a weapon and stating he would be a school shooter. The post was reported to the BCS but no action was taken

After the death of his mother, a member of his extended family requested that BCS confiscate his weapons due to his behavior and emotional difficulties, but no action was taken.

In the Fall of 2016, his school discovered bullets in his backpack after he was in a fight. The school responded by banning him bringing backpacks to school.

Ultimately the FBI was notified when Cruz posted on YouTube that he was going to be a professional school shooter. Again, no action was taken.

This all points to one inarguable truth: The Parkland shooting could have been prevented if the authorities had acted when opportunity, ample opportunity, had presented itself.  The fact is that Nicholas Cruz was not a ‘new phenomenon’. His behavior and actions have been documented numerous times in the past by others and protocols and policies have been put in place in law enforcement to address such occurrences. The sad fact is that neither the school, the BCS, nor the FBI did what they were supposed to do and 17 children died due to their failure to act.

Another truth that is being ignored in this debate is the existence of numerous laws regulating the purchase and ownership of firearms.  There are a plethora of laws on the books and the most common thread in all mass shootings in this country is that more often than not, the laws were not enforced properly, if at all, and subsequently people who legally could not possess firearms were able to purchase them. The Las Vegas shooting is a prime example: because the Air Force failed to follow law, policy, and protocol Stephen Paddock was able to purchase weapons which resulted in the death of 58 people.

To this particular point, I have to stress the hypocrisy of the proponents of ‘common sense’ gun control laws and the ignorance of those that hop on that bandwagon. The fact here is that more laws will not be effective if authorities cannot or will not enforce existing laws.

If existing laws are insufficient to protect us, and more laws would do no better then the ‘progressives’ have offered the solution of banning ‘certain’ firearms.

Their idea is to ban AR 15’s because that is the firearm Cruz used to kill 17 kids in Parkland and while the use of AR15s in mass shootings has increased in recent years it still accounts for an insignificant percentage of firearms used in crimes, and the deaths intentionally caused by firearms are far outweighed by handguns.

Furthermore, deaths caused by firearms are disproportionately outweighed by the deaths by numerous other causes. Abortion = 45.5 million deaths, deaths from disease = 1.9 million, Automobile deaths = 1.3 million, Firearm deaths = 16 thousand Firearm deaths account for less than .001% of US deaths. Upon reviewing these statistics it’s apparent that ‘saving lives’ is likely not the impetus for the proponents of gun control as they could easily put their efforts towards prevention of automobile deaths, or abortions and save significantly more lives.

This leads me to believe the motive for gun control is to begin the process of weakening the 2nd Amendment with the ultimate goal of repealing the Amendment.

Coming soon to a blog near you: What is the 2nd Amendment, why is it important, and why must it stand?



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