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Ribbons for Rescue April 16, 2015

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Ribbons for Rescue is Love in the Face of Hate

Churches are coming together in solidarity to show their support for the ISIS victims and persecuted everywhere with an orange ribbon campaign and regional rallies. Ribbons for Rescue stands at the center of this effort, coordinating churches, volunteers and rescue organizations worldwide. Our Mission is threefold:

  • To raise awareness of the plight of persecuted Christians worldwide
  • To respond to hate with love, just as Christ would do
  • To provide information and resources to help you get involved – whether it is through prayer, financial donation or action



The Potters House Christian Fellowship Church May 7, 2013

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I need to give a shout out to The Potters House Christian Fellowship Church at 2800 Cleveland Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

This is the ‘church’ my oldest brother and his family attend. If you look at their website you will see that they are NOT affiliated with the T.D. Jake’s Potter’s House in Texas, which is rather important I think.

There are a few reasons why I felt a need to write about my brother’s congregation. First is because I was struck by the disparity of denominational leanings between him and I.  My brothers and I were raised Southern Baptist, but after growing up and following our individual paths we ended up in different areas of the denominational circle. He gravitated toward a Pentecostal disposition and I slid the other way – towards a mix of Presbyterian and Christian Reformed inclination.

I do have to say that our differences are not rooted in doctrine but more so in “worship philosophy” (it could be that I tend to be less emotive and feel a certain lack of comfort in more demonstrable worship environments).

However, the main reason I wanted to give his church a shout out was because of what I saw on You Tube while goggling them.  I was struck by videos of my nephew playing, singing, and ministering.  I was impressed and touched that he appears to have grown into a fine young man of God.


The ‘No Cussing Club’ January 29, 2009

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Y’all should check this out:

The No Cussing Club

This club started by a 14 year old boy is a fantastic wave of maturity and decency in the world.  I was surprised that the site was rated as ‘untrustworthy’ by one of the internet rating thing-a-majigs on my PC and I can only presume that the rating function (which is fueled users) reflects a societal attitude toward decency.

Check it out, give it your support.  If you are a young person or have children of your own, I suggest getting involved.

Pride and getting the ‘beam’ out… April 8, 2006

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I was just reading through some blogs that I try to visit frequently and read a post by Casey at "Just So You'll Know", in which he talks about Church discipline and 'getting the beam out of your own eye…" and it's connection with the sin of pride.

As a card-carrying practitioner of the sinful pride brigade, I think his treatise tied together 'the beam' and pride extremely well.  Read the post and let him (and me) know your thoughts.

If after we have resolved our own feelings concerning an offense and we find that one of the two conditions warranting discipline exist then the next requisite step is to “cast the beam out of thine own eye”. The beam and the splinter are an analogy Jesus used to illustrate the disparity between the sin of one who commits an offense and one who would rebuke him from a heart filled with pride. The beam in this analogy is nothing less than pride in any manifestation.  The rest of the story…

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